"What sets Pace apart is their unmatched expertise behind the scenes – their process. Whether it's complicated data management, variable printing challenges or the logistics of a campaign deployment, the Pace team always makes it work and delivers on time. They communicate clearly from the start. They proactively offer solutions that can make a project more efficient, cost effective or take it to another level."
~ Tony Sweeney, SVP, Creative Director, City National Bank
print interactive data fulfillment
putting think on paper start a conversation your audience awaits delivering results


Start a Conversation. Engage your audience across media with timely e-mails, QR Codes, personalized landing pages (pURLs), text messaging and social media to transform your marketing from a monologue to a dialogue.


Whether a component of a cross-media campaign or a stand-alone medium, e-mail remains an effective way to reach an online audience. Send relevant and timely information by leveraging data to personalize or version messages delivered as blasts, triggers or in sequence. Our e-mail specialists ensure messages reach the inbox by adhering to CAN-SPAM guidelines and confirm they look their best by staying on top of design and code best practices and testing across popular e-mail clients, including mobile.


QR codes provide a bridge between print and online, serving up videos, landing pages, surveys and more to users through their smartphones. Pace's mobile specialists can also prepare and test your content to make sure your message is optimized for mobile media. We can even send targeted text messages (SMS) to serve your mobile audience with direct offers or as timely follow ups to other cross-media messages.

Landing Pages + pURLs

Personalized URLs are links containing your recipient's name that direct them to a customized landing page designed to drive conversions. Collect additional data from your audience to further refine the relevance of your messaging and develop true 1-to-1 conversations with your customers. Engage your recipients with videos, quizzes or special offers to keep them coming back for more.

Social Media

There are over 1 billion users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Extend the reach of your messages by giving your recipients a way to share them with their friends, colleagues and followers. Encourage conversations with your advocates and critics alike or leverage a wealth of data to create personalized or interactive products that capture their attention and connect at a deeper level.

Web-to-Print + Marketing Resource Portals

Empower your sales associates, dealers or employees with 24/7/365 access to customized, on-demand print collateral through an online, e-commerce enabled storefront. Go beyond print and grant authorized users access to create and syndicate custom tailored landing pages, personalized e-mail blasts or premium items such as mugs, shirts or other "tchotchkes."


Your Audience Awaits. The foundation of effective marketing is quality data. Our list hygiene and segmentation services ensure your message hits the target every time, while our list append and acquisition services can expand your reach to new markets and audiences.


Your business data is among the most important assets you possess. Thanks to our detailed security policies and procedures outlining how Pace receives, stores and uses your sensitive data, you can trust that it is always in the right hands. For more information about our data handling procedures and security measures, please .

List Management

A relevant, engaging message is a critical component of your campaign strategy, but if it never reaches your recipient then it's as if it were never written. Let Pace help you hit the bullseye in your target audience with a three-point data tune-up. Optimize your list by scouring for and scrubbing bad or undeliverable addresses. Boost the relevance of your messaging (and your results) with audience targeting and segmentation. Grow your list with append and acquisition services.

CRM + Marketing Automation

Data is only useful when it is actionable. Pace's comprehensive CRM solution centralizes data collection and storage from landing pages and pURLs, which can then immediately be segmented to drive new direct mail, e-mail and cross-media messages. Add lead scoring and routing capabilities and your sales team will gain deeper insight into which leads are worth pursuing...and which are not.


Delivering Results. Whether managing the complexities of postal regulations, the nuances of e-mail deliverability or simply loading it up in one of our trucks and delivering it to your door, Pace gets your message to the right person at the right time.


The United States Postal Service's Domestic Mail Manual is 52 densely packed pages of the most minute details of preparing a mailing for delivery. Avoid surprises and engage Pace's mailing specialists during the planning stages of your direct mail campaign to ensure you meet every requirement, from size to tabbing to barcode placement and more. Save money by optimizing your mailing list with Pace's NCOA and CASS certification and presorting services and tap our team's expertise in sending first-class, standard and non-profit mailings.

Warehousing + Logistics

Trust our fulfillment specialists to store, manage, pick and pack a wide array of marketing and communications materials and deliver them with speed and accuracy to their destinations. Pace's customizable inventory management system will make sure you never run out of a product at a critical moment while also preventing costly surpluses of outdated materials.

Shipping + Courier Services

Whether we're shipping your product with UPS, FedEx or DHL or packing it on to our trucks for local delivery, Pace's delivery specialists supply peace of mind that your materials will reach their recipients on time, every time. Need to get files, inventory or specialized materials to Pace or see a hard proof when you can't get to our office? No problem, our courier services will pick it up or drop it off at just about any location throughout Greater Los Angeles.

japanese american national museum

campaign elements:

print: lithographic & variable digital
interactive: e-mail
data: list segmentation, appending & hygiene
fulfillment: mailing


The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) is the first museum in the United States dedicated to sharing the experience of Americans of Japanese ancestry as an integral part of U.S. history. In 1992, the museum opened its doors in the renovated Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, a Los Angeles city landmark, to shed light on the Japanese American experience—a process of immigration and re-settlement common to so many Americans.


JANM has primarily been generously supported by civil rights minded Japanese American donors with memories of World War II and the internment camps experienced by over 100,000 Japanese Americans. As those donors age and the memories fade, JANM needed to better connect with a younger generation wishing to rediscover their culture through the museum. JANM also wanted to drive previous donors to consider membership with the museum as a means to support the museum throughout the year.


Pace and JANM collaborated on a spring membership drive, ambitious in both complexity and scope. Targeting four potential constituencies, existing, lapsed & prospective members and non-member donors, a direct mail campaign was launched with 224 distinct versions. Variations were driven by five variables:
  • Geography
  • Status
  • Media
  • Support Level
  • Theme
A similarly segmented follow-up e-mail was sent to non-responders. By establishing greater relevance to the recipient's geography or interests through targeted copy and images across media, Pace believed JANM would see an increase in both response rate and contributions to the museum.


The total number of responses from the previous year was more than doubled, resulting in an increase in revenues by approximately 15%. As a result, JANM will continue to use targeted copy and imagery in their future campaigns.

For more details on the strategy or the results of this campaign, please .

city national bank


print: lithographic & variable digital
interactive: qr codes, web-to-print portal
data: list segmentation & hygiene
fulfillment: mailing, shipping


Founded in 1954, City National Bank, specializes in providing the "ultimate banking experience" for entrepreneurs and professionals in industries such as legal, healthcare and entertainment. While its corporate offices and many of its branches are located in Greater Los Angeles, it also maintains locations in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Nashville and Atlanta.


Given its reputation for highly personalized service with its successful clientele, City National Bank needed a provider who could execute on its marketing and communications projects with the same level of "uncommon dedication" it offers its own customers.


In providing its associates with direct mail campaigns, merchandising and collateral materials, Pace has, in the words of one associate, "become an extension of" the team. From demonstrating QR codes to building a web-to-print portal supplying print-on-demand services for the bank's 3,000+ colleagues, Pace proactively offers solutions to make City National Bank's communications projects more efficient or effective.


As City National Bank aims to become a "trusted advisor" to its clients, so to has Pace become that for many of the bank's associates. Beyond executing on print communications, Pace has consulted on projects that involved video editing & encoding, e-mail and data management. City National Bank is now the largest bank headquartered in Southern California and Pace remains an integral part of its success.

bank of the west

Of the many attributes Pace brings to the table, the most valuable to me would be the consistent, first-class quality of everything they produce for us. This is regardless of the type of project, the intensity of the turnaround time, or the multitude of changes we throw at them. Most of our projects require an unreasonably quick turnaround. The Pace staff doesn't blink an eye and gets them done every time with amazing results. In eight years of working with Pace, I have never once been disappointed. They truly make it easy for us and we never have to worry when we partner with them. To put icing on the cake, the people at Pace are always cheerful and accommodating and their attention to detail is impeccable. We work with many different vendors, and have not found this level of service anywhere else. I really could not say enough good things about Pace! We love them. End of story.
~ Amanda Schoenemann, Creative Director


Pace has performed an integral role for KCRW for over twenty years, providing solutions to our print communications needs reliably and with the highest degree of quality in the industry. For me, the distinguishing characteristic of the Pace staff is that they take the successful implementation of my projects personally. They understand my pain points and craft solutions that allow me to sleep well at night. They take it upon themselves to become intimately knowledgeable, not just about KCRW, but also about our supply chain. Pace cares about our success as much as we do, and that's what I need in a partner.
~ Gregg Lewis, Marketing / Art Director

wells fargo bank

The leadership, friendliness, dedication, attention to detail and expertise of the staff set Pace apart from everyone else in their field. In over fifteen years of working together, Pace has never let me down. To me, they are everything a business partner should be. They not only deliver on their commitments, they offer ideas and options that enhance the success of my projects. They "get it" that I need their expert advice and critical thinking as much as I need their technical operational abilities. And now they have brought this same commitment and craftsmanship to an array of new offerings. They have strategically and elegantly evolved into a marketing communications company, which is just so impressive to me.
~ Dennis Matsuo, Vice President, Marketing Program Manager

transamerica retirement services

I love working with Pace because they make everything so easy for me. It is vital that my projects get delivered on time and within my budgets, and Pace always manages to get it done for me. Their quality and customer service are second to none. Plus, Pace is so versatile. No matter what I need, they have the resources necessary for the job. The Pace staff really know their business...they are subject matter experts across the board. They offer me innovative ideas, great cost-saving suggestions, and their attention to detail is amazing. In this intense business environment, Transamerica can only work with partners who understand our needs and deliver on their promises, no matter what. The people at Pace do just that, and more.
~ Lyn Tabibian, Creative Services Manager

towers watson

Towers Watson is a leading global professional services company that helps organizations improve performance though effective people, risk and financial management. As a premier provider of Benefits consulting to leading companies around the world, our work on behalf of our clients must be exceptional in every way. For over 14 years, Pace has consistently demonstrated that their values are aligned with those of Towers Watson. They do everything necessary to support our commitments to our clients – and they do it with first-rate quality and expertise. Because our clients are demanding, we must be too. Pace accepts our challenges and often find ways to improve the results.
~ Elaine Trussell, North America/West Region Creative Media Production Manager

city national bank

The best providers are those who work so seamlessly with you that they become an extension of your team. Pace does that and much more. They execute our direct mail campaigns, merchandising and collateral materials beautifully, but that is expected. Pace has been producing quality corporate communications materials for over 30 years. They are true craftsmen.

What sets Pace apart is their unmatched expertise behind the scenes – their process. Whether it's complicated data management, variable printing challenges or the logistics of a campaign deployment, the Pace team always makes it work and delivers on time. They communicate clearly from the start. They proactively offer solutions that can make a project more efficient, cost effective or take it to another level.

I truly value the peace of mind I get working with Pace.
~ Tony Sweeney, SVP, Creative Director
  • Pace. Invested in Your Success. Pace specializes in producing customized marketing and communications solutions with a commitment to craftsmanship and quality dating back to our founding in 1975.

    Our clients choose Pace because we're as invested in achieving the best possible results from their marketing and communications programs as they are. When our clients are successful, we celebrate and share in that success.

    Over time, we develop lasting partnerships with our clients by not only executing on projects with reliability and attention to detail, but also by sharing our expertise, ideas and growing knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the continually evolving marketing industry.

    Whether we're collaborating on an integrated, cross media campaign, developing a web-to-print portal, testing interactive elements such as QR codes and personalized landing pages (PURLs) or simply delivering beautiful, personalized print collateral where it's needed, when it's needed, Pace consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients – as they define them.

    Exceptional People. Exceptional Results. Pace.

    bob bennitt


    (626) 913-2108 x220
    Bob has been with Pace since its founding in 1975. As principal, he is ultimately responsible for clarifying the values, goals and strategies of the company, as well as ensuring Pace has the resources, both in its exceptional associates and its technology, to build enduring relationships with, and for, our clients.

    A graduate of the school of life (he dropped out of UCSB in '71 and hitch-hiked all over the country, an experience he credits as "one of the smartest decisions" he ever made), Bob is passionate about client happiness and supporting their success. Pace does that by continuously adapting, learning and applying that knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

    Outside of Pace, Bob serves on the board of the Yosemite Conservancy and spends as much time as possible out in nature, playing classical guitar and enjoying family life with his wife Suzy.

    alan j. bernstein

    director, client solutions

    (626) 913-2108 x227
    Alan leads the Pace Client Solutions team, a group responsible for introducing our suite of Solutions and collaborating with associates in Print, Interactive, Data and Fulfillment services to deliver results for our clients. A Pace associate since 1990, Alan has a BS in Marketing from USC and over 30 years experience in consultative sales, yet he still learns something new every day.

    In his main role as listener, Alan carefully pays attention to a client's pain points and proposes the best solutions to solve them. He believes there is no greater satisfaction than hearing a client say "we couldn't have done it without your help!"

    When he's not helping clients get the most out of their marketing and communications programs, Alan enjoys riding his bike at the beach, watching college football, grilling and sharing a little vino among friends.

    mark hoch

    director, production services

    (626) 913-2108 x240
    Since joining Pace in 1978, Mark has risen up the ranks and now leads the Production Services team, including project planning, management, production and fulfillment, ensuring that Pace executes every project with timeliness and precision. He also keeps Pace "green," as FSC, AQMD and EPA administrator, and efficient, administering the MIS database.

    When not acting as Pace's "man behind curtain", Mark can be found behind the lens as Pace's resident shutterbug.

    randy marquis

    director, interactive marketing services

    (626) 913-2108 x229
    While a relatively new face at Pace, having joined the team in 2009, Randy has over a dozen years experience in internet marketing and technology. His primary areas of expertise are in website development and e-mail marketing, but he has become a go-to guy for everything from QR codes and mobile video to social media, pURLs and marketing resource portals.

    In addition to developing interactive solutions for clients, Randy is managing editor of Connect, a bi-monthly magazine exploring emerging marketing techniques and technology, and Pace's e-mail newsletter, the Friday Digression.

    In his spare time, Randy enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and twin sons. He is also a vegetarian and indulges his passion for acting on the stage and screen as often as the opportunities provide.

    danny squire

    director, data + pre-media services

    (626) 913-2108 x251
    Danny is truly representative of the changing world of marketing communications. Danny joined Pace in 1988 as a plate maker, but his curiosity and technical skills soon had him toying with the Mac computers that would ultimately usher in a new era of a computer based pre-press process. Danny now leads the pre-media services team, combining traditional pre-press skills with variable data and digital production.

    Danny believes his most important skill, however, is understanding what it takes to blend today's technology and a client's vision to create an effective communication piece and deliver a well executed campaign.

    When he's not on his Mac or running the digital press, Danny can be found doing "anything outdoors" and he is especially fond of family road trips.

    shannon petrovick

    director, accounting services

    (626) 913-2108 x217
    With over 22 years experience in accounting, plus 13 years handling human resources, Shannon keeps Pace's client, vendor and associate relations running smoothly. A Pace associate since 1996, Shannon and her team are responsible for virtually everything finance, from AP / AR to credit inquiries, associate payroll and benefits and much more.

    Shannon believes that great communication skills are key to everything she does at Pace and strives to improve those skills on a daily basis. She also believes in finding improvements in every process, from implementing direct deposits for client payments to streamlining invoice and statement formats to save time and money for all involved.

    During her time away from Pace, she enjoys being a wife and mom the most. She's also a sports fan, whether cheering on her children at their baseball, football or soccer matches or watching the pros at a Dodgers or Galaxy game.

    richelle rosas

    manager, mailing services

    (626) 913-2108 x253
    While Richelle is one of our newest team members, having joined the Pace team in 2010, with over 10 years experience in mailing, she is no stranger to the intricacies of the U.S. postal system.

    In addition to processing and cleansing data files and preparing mailing paperwork, Richelle acts as the primary liaison with the post office for all of our clients' mailing campaigns.

    When she's not saving our clients money on postage, Richelle spends as much time as possible with family, from attending dance recitals to day trips to Disneyland as an annual passholder.

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